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Headfirst Travel
PO Box 434
Dunedin 9054
ph: +64 3 477 9083

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phone: +64 3 477 9083

HeadFirst online booking system for a group of on to it travel brands. You are welcome to check availability and prepare an itinerary but will you need to register to make a booking request.

By logging in you can make a new booking, check the status of a saved itinerary or send a message to our reservations team. You will receive email notifications of any change in the status of your booking or replies to your queries.

Some packages can be confirmed immediately while others may require confirmation by one or more operators. We endeavour to reply to all booking requests within 12 hours.

How To Make a booking - 2 steps

Step 1 - Register your details

To make a booking first you must register your personal details (name, email etc.) and create an account. When you complete this process you will be logged in.

1. Click on ?Register? in the top right corner of any booking page or click on this link.

2. Enter your details including email, username and a selected password then click on the ?Register? button at the bottom ( or hit Enter )

Note ? you will need to make up a username and password. Normal internet security principles apply. The fields with a "*" are required.

Note - once you finish these 2 steps you should be logged on, see the Customer Panel (top right corner on the web page) where you can edit My Details, or view My Bookings.

Step 2 - Make a Booking

1. Select the package you wish to book. For a list of our products click on HeadFirst in the navigation bar.

2. Enter the number of adults and children ( 14 and under ) in your party and start date or Day 1 ( dd-mm-yyyy format ). You can also click on the list of available dates shown at the bottom of the page.

Click on the ?Click Here to Create your itinerary? button.

3. Check the itinerary to make sure it is what you want.

Select your preferred Pickup Point next to "Our tour started in:" using the drop down list of available pick up points.

In some packages you have an option to upgrade your itinerary or break the trip for one or more nights.

b. Upgrade
Click on the small white circle "radio button" next to the upgrade you prefer.

c. Break your trip
Default is No Breaks. If you want to stay a night or more click on the drop down list and select the option and number of nights you require.

When you are happy with the itinerary click on ?Make a booking request >>"

4. Enter the names and details of other members in your group, comments or queries you may have about the booking

Check the tick box ? I have read and understood....? ( please do take a minute to read our terms and conditions ) and then click on ?Click here to Finish?

You will then be directed to our Payment Express credit card processing page. The "padlock" icon in your browser will confirm it is a secure connection. Enter your credit card details ( we accept VISA, Mastercard) then click on "Next"

5. You are now taken back to your your ?Home Page?.

Once you have finished the booking process it is good practice to ?Log Out?. And of course if you come back to check bookings you will need to log back in.